5 Ways to Save on Back-to-School Clothes

Face it, we all want to look good on the first day of school and beyond. And it’s normal to want to wear what the latest hot celebs are wearing. But be honest, none of us really have a celebrity budget to buy the celebrity wardrobe, right? Even so, experts estimate that most families will spend nearly $700 on back-to-school supplies and clothes. Wouldn’t it be nice to get more for your money?

We promise that you’ll look good when that first hour bell rings on your first day, without you or your parents going broke. Take a look at our five ways to save:

  1. First Stop – Your Closet
    It’s so easy to get caught up in what the new trends are that you forget what you already have in your closet. Even if all you have are basic t-shirts, hoodies, etc., it’s the best place to start. Dig everything out and try it on. This way you won’t duplicate something you already have and not have to buy as much as you thought – both of which save you money. For those items that no longer fit but are still in good shape, see the next tip.
  2. Shop Resale
    Resale stores are not only a great way to buy current trends at a much lower price, they can also be a way to make money on your old clothes that no longer fit. Most resale stores will give you more in store credit than they do in cash, so make sure you sell your clothes to a store where you’d like to shop. When buying clothes here, be sure to really check out the item for any stains or damage. If you find any let the cashier know, they might give you a discount on it.
  3. Swap Clothes
    Connect with friends or relatives with kids your age and see if they’d be up for a clothing swap. You’ll end up with something new to refresh your wardrobe and it won’t cost you a dime!
  4. Mix Brands
    If you must have something designer or from the 3 A’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and American Eagle, then balance it out with clothing from H&M, Forever 21 or other more affordable stores. That way you get a bit of what you want but stay on budget.
  5. Shop for Discounts
    Before you shop, make sure you’re on the email list for your favorite stores. Back-to-school is a big time for retailers and they’ll probably be flooding your inbox with sales and discounts. Also, do a search on your smartphone’s app site for store or money-saving discount apps like Clutch or Pounce.

Whatever approach you choose to take to save some cash this back-to-school season, the key is to plan ahead. Once you know what you need and the best place to get it, the rest is as easy as ABC.